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Why Best Multis

What Sets Best Multis Apart?

Best Multis provides the most detailed and accurate explanations in both our MBE questions and Subject Outlines. We are the only Bar Review program that offers insightful analysis, the Critical Breakdown™, within each question’s fact pattern.

Individualized & Substantive Approach

Baseline assessment(s), progress tracking and insightful analytics identify your strengths & weaknesses to craft a strategic approach.

Comprehensive in Scope, Concise in Format

Best Multis’ proven test preparation methods only focus on testable issues on the Bar Exam, providing a roadmap & solid foundation to pass your exam on the first try.


Best Multis’ approach helps students understand and apply black letter law, not just memorize it. Bar prep that is a real education.


One of the best aspects of Best Multis is being able to access real MBE questions, detailed Subject Outlines and extremely helpful audios and videos anytime and anywhere.

Best Multis MBE Test Builder & Simulator

The most complete breakdown of MBE questions teamed w/ industry leading LMS tools that focus on your weakest subjects & subtopics with insightful performance analytics.

Our Team

Recognized experts on the bar exam, law professors, former bar graders, attorney advisors, talented teachers, cognitive scientists, developers and account managers.

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Our proven test preparation methods and study tools will optimize comprehension and instill test taking confidence in you. Understanding of the law, not memorization.

Best Multis not only advises you on what to study, Best Multis informs you what not to study. Our approach is about effective study techniques, which is why we are not concerned with non-testable issues. Instead, our focus is on the areas of law that are consistently tested and will show up on your bar. This strategy provides students with what they need to know, as opposed to giving them every bit of information under the sun.

Best Multis has already figured out what’s important – isn’t that what a bar review course supposed to do?

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