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Real MBEQuestions

Every licensed MBE question from the NCBE from past exams with detailed & accurate explanations.


Easily identify the fact patterns used by the examiners.


See a breakdown of your performance by subtopic to identify focus points.

Audio & Video Lessons

Concise content that increases understanding of black letter law.

Crafted by Experts

Best-Multis’ curriculum and outlines are put together by recognized bar exam experts and talented teachers who turn students into smart test takers.

Every NCBE Licensed "Real" MBE Question & Essay

Every licensed MBE question released by the NCBE, 200+ simulated MBE questions & all with Best Multis’ Critical Breakdown and Wrong Answer Explanations.

Time-Efficient Personalized Curriculum

Identify your subject, subtopic and timing performance with BestMultis’ highly customizable online platform to tailor the course to your specific weak points.

Study Anywhere & Anytime

Instant access to Best Multis’ Licensed MBE Questions, Quiz Builder, Exam Simulator, Outlines, Audio & Video Reviews across all your devices through our online learning platform.

Study Smarter

Student Portal instant access to our web-based learning management platform for the tracking, reporting & delivery of our course. Highlight, take notes, cross-out and © circle the same way you do with our hardcopies.

MBE Simulator designed to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, manage your test times & study efficiently through fully customizable Single/Mixed-Subject Practice and Official Exam modes.

Progress Tracking powerful insights gained using our processes, algorithms & systems to visually communicate progress, performance & timing for each subject/subtopic.

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Licensed MBE Questions
Simulated MBE Questions
Expert Crafted Outlines
Subtopic Audio/Video Reviews
bar exam answer critical breakdown

Best Multis’ Patented Critical Breakdown™

Critical Breakdown™– the patented Critical Breakdownwalks you through the fact pattern and breaks everything down into manageable segments. It explains why the examiners use certain facts and what they mean. This way you’ll never miss an issue. It even shows you how to find the law in case you forget a rule.

FULLY Explained MBE’s the most detailed and accurate explanations to all four answer choices; provided by recognized Bar Exam experts and talented law professors.

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Unlimited Simulated MBE Tests

Master the Exam– Best Multis provides high quality materials, insightful approaches & proven Bar Exam strategies for the MBE’s. Learn how to apply the law, not memorize it.

Never Logout Guessing– Best Multis is the only Bar Review program that offers insightful analysis within each questions fact pattern. The fact pattern & all four answer choices are fully explained and never leave you guessing.

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Instant Access To:

Progress Tracking Analytics
Single/Mixed-Subject Test Simulator
Every NCBE Licensed MBE Questions
280+ Additional Simulated MBE Questions
9 Subject Outline Books
150+ Audio/Video Subtopic Reviews
The Patented Critical Breakdowns
Fully Answered MBE’s

MBE Master

Jason Tolerico, the creator of the Best Multis curriculum, invented a unique & innovative teaching approach to the MBE. By following the outline published by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (, the Best Multis approach focuses on teaching the applicant exactly what subject matter will be tested on your MBE.

The Best Multis program includes recent case law changes, so you’ll be familiar with what is likely to be tested on the next MBE portion of the bar exam. More importantly, the explanations to the answers are personally written and updated by the creator of Best Multis, who in the past achieved a raw score of 180 on an actual administration of an MBE test by following the Best Multis approach. The videos and the rest of the support material gives real world common sense examples to the student, and uses easy-to-understand language, and not court legalese.

Jason has become a recognized expert in the MBE, and one of the only MBE teachers to thoroughly understand the intricacies of the MBE exam, and with the ability to relay this knowledge to his students through the Best Multis approach. While teaching the MBE in the past, his class has scored four to five points higher than the national average. This is a tremendous advantage, and could be the difference between passing or failing the bar exam.

Students all over the nation for the last twelve years have gained a sense of confidence knowing they were learning from the best.

Up-to-Date Materials

One-Timers provides all of its own materials. The outlines are clear and easy to read. They contain examples that simplify each concept.  The Rules for Essays contain succinctly written rule statements of every issue tested on the essay portion of the California bar exam over the past 15+ years.

At One-Timers, the materials are constantly being updated. A new version is released after every administration of the exam. Furthermore, the materials are printed in color.  Studies have shown that color helps with memory retention and is easier to read. One-Timers goes the extra mile to ensure your success.

Bar exam mobile app

Study on the Go with Best Multis’ Convenient Mobile Friendly Web App

  • Play Outline Audios/Videos On or Offline
  • Single & Mixed Subject MBE Tests Focusing on Your Weakest Subtopics
  • Read Best Multis’ Outlines with Rule of Law
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Common Questions

Some frequently asked questions about One-Timers.

Best Multis goes beyond teaching you the curriculum, far deeper than remembering a set of questions, answers, definitions and concepts. In the MBE exam, you’re not going to have the exact same question that you have studied.

Best Multis provides you the specific skills and techniques needed to master answering Multistate Bar Exam questions confidently. It’s about the strategic analytical thinking (not guessing!) needed to not only know why the correct answer is right, but through the process of elimination, know why the other three answers are wrong and why they were put in there by the examiners.

Yes, you will always be able to interact with someone via email and phone. You are never alone with Best Multis!

Absolutely. If you are in law school, you get access to everything Best Multis has to offer. The course guides you through your current subjects (provided they are bar courses). You have access to the MBE program, all the outlines, and every audio & video. Best Multis’ students have a distinct advantage over their classmates.

The concepts come back quicker than you think. Let us show you.

Yes. Best Multis stands behind the quality of its course. We offer a Full Money Back Guarantee to first time Bar takers that graduated in the top half of their ABA accredited law schools. 

No. This is by far the best and most comprehensive MBE program you will need. Best Multis contains every single past released question, updates in the law, videos, audios, outlines and the new question formatting.

Best Multis has licensed every released question (1,772) from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). Each question contains a thorough explanation of all four answer choices. Additionally, we also provide 280+ simulated MBE questions.

Best Multis terms are from March 1 to August 1 and from August 1 to March 1. All accounts expire at the end of the term in which you have enrolled regardless of  start date.

Sure. Come see why Best Multis has the best materials of any bar prep course. Before you sign up for any course, we strongly recommend that you view their materials and see what it is you’re getting.

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