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Hi Jason,

I am very impressed with your level of explanation and simplicity in helping me remember the rules. You have done a fantastic job. I am altering the Barbri planned study schedule to focus on your Q&A’s and outlines.

Thanks so much.



Thank you for the review course. It was one tough exam, but I strongly feel that you prepared me substantially well to pass or even excel on some aspects of the exam. One of the MBE sessions was a hair-pulling session but I’m hoping that I did better than I thought. We’ll know in a few weeks.

Thank you again.


Hi Jason,

I just wanted to say thank you for your help the past few months and for changing the way I think when approaching questions. I used to hate doing MBEs but I absolutely love it now. And I can’t tell you how much I love your outlines! It makes studying so much easier and for once, I actually understand everything rather than just frantically memorizing a bunch of rules without understanding it.

Thank You!



thanks again for all the research that you do. I wish that I could find someone who could break down the essays in this state the way that you have parsed the MBE. I have completed my first run through the released questions and have scored 81% overall and it’s only March.

Jeff McLane

This is awesome I feel I’m actually learning …

Thanks for putting this review together….I have never seen anything so detailed out there!!

Thank you again Jason!!!..:)

Midory Balderrama

Jason you have been incredible.

Your program alone will get me a much better score in the MBE. I’m totally confident in that section. The essays and MPT on the other hand are my weakness now.

I can’t tell you how much appreciate all you have done for me and how much incredible your program is. I think anybody who has used your program would say they appreciate the tireless work you have out into it. You have a true passion for helping people with with this process and it’s, I’m sure, appreciated by all.



I know you probably don’t remember me but I have been using BestMultis for the past few months. I had signed up for Adaptibar but you and I talked which caused me to change my mind and go with you. Best choice I ever made for Bar prep. I ordered and received a copy of the Mulitstate Outline, also a great product. I have your lectures on my iphone.

Thanks Brother,

Chris Clausi

I passed the bar exam!!!

Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You For Your Help!!

Farhana Hafezi, J.D.

“Jason, I passed the BABY BAR!! Thanks for ALL your help! I went through all the questions for torts, crim law, and contracts on your program.

This was very helpful. I used your outlines as well. You are providing a great service for students. Thanks for all your dedication.”

Rose Cassidy

This was very helpful. I used your outlines as well. You are providing a great service for students. Thanks for all your dedication.


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