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Your incredible MBE training saved me. From my painful MBE raw score of 86, I was able to almost double my score (in my final practice tests with you, I was scoring a 160 raw!). I am eternally grateful to you, and I highly, highly recommend your services. You gave me the confidence and determination to ace the CA bar exam. And guess what… I passed!

Thank you!!

– Rahul S
CA Bar #297273

Rahul Soni – CA Bar #297273


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would like real property MBEs …actually, ‘like’ is too strong a word. let’s say: ‘not hate’.

Exactly like you said: the am version was hard, and the pm version was a little bit more down hill, but still hard, a lot of mortgage questions.

What I do feel grateful for is that almost everything (if not 100%) of what we saw in class, was on the exam…but like you say, the way they write the exam is ‘brilliant’. I really do respect the way it is written, even if this exam sucks my will to live.


Francisco Noriega – CA Bar #292448

Hi Jason! I just checked the bar exam results and I passed!!!  This is my third time taking the bar and as you know, I was desperate when I spoke with you last December.  I was scoring really low on my MBE’s and all I did was listen to your advice and study the MBE subjects one at a time.  I just focused my studies mainly on your MBE program this time and it worked!  I wish I took your program the first time.  Anyways, I will be writing you a more sensible thank you note next time!  Thank you so much again!!!! Best regards,

Charmaine Halstead – CA Bar #289999

Today was a good day! Best mbe is king.

Jennie Lemm-Spere – CA Bar #291791

Hi Jason,

My score for the Simulated MBE today was 85/100.

So, my scores in the course on the different simulated MBEs were the following:

  • 1st 100 question Simulated: 82/100
  • 2nd -Full Simulated: 161/200 (81 percent)
  • 3rd-Full Simulated: 167/200 (84 percent)
  • Last-100 Qs Simulated: 85/100

*** So, it seems like I’m between 81-85 percent. I have no idea what that will translate to on the real exam but just wanted to report my results.

Thanks Jason. I can tell that I am thinking very differently while doing these. Thanks to you!!

Natalie Djabourian – CA State Bar #289957


Its because of your MBEs.  I really trusted ur mbes and I really worked hard at it.  I finished every single questions on your mbe website and I took notes on every single question.

I really took my time.  So I averaged around 10 questions per hour only.  But I learned from every single questions.

I just finished the very last mbe question last nite on con law. Evidence mbes I finished before we started crim, per ur recommendation.

Thank you jason, if you think I’m doing good and progressing well, then I’m very happy!

I’m happy that you are excited about my progress.  I will try to definitely keep this up!


Christine Choum – CA Bar #296210

Hi Jason, I was wondering if you have similar outlines for the Non-MBE subject because I would be interested in purchasing it so I can read over them.  I really enjoyed reading your MBE outline, it really is awesome like you said. Let me know and if you have one, I would like to buy it if that works.  No problem if you don’t, I just wanted to check!

Marchela Iahdjian – CA Bar #295595


I can remember franticly calling you after my CA bar exam results came out and my career as a Navy JAG on the line. You were calm, collective, and cool, and discussed your program with me and what my options were. Throughout the course you answered every question I had-and I know I had a lot, and you told me EXACTLY what I needed to do in order to increase my MBE score.

And the result? A 156 MBE score! I went from a raw 116 the first time I took the bar exam to a scaled 156 after taking One-Timers! Oh, and I’m also an attorney now J

You helped save my career and gave me the confidence to go and tackle the CA bar exam this summer. I am eternally grateful and cannot sing your praises enough.

Very Respectfully,

LTJG Brenna Joy Miller, JAGC, USN


New Mexico Bar #: (Coming soon)

Brenna Miller – NM #146249

I passed !!! I took your advice took the New Mexico exam and i passed!!!! YAY!!! I got a 143 on my MBE!!! Thank you so much for your continues help! You are truly a blessing in my life! I guess no pressure really helped! I cant believe it!


Thank you so much Jason



Rebecca Alemayehu

Hi Jason,

I was brought up with the strong belief that by looking at the tree you can tell, what tree the fruit belongs to and how well it was nurtured, nourished and taken care of (its upbringing) and how strong and healthy the roots were. I teach same to my kids! By looking at your work (outlines, answers,etc) I am reminded of the same today. It shows how much dedication, hard work and efforts you put in the fruits of your labor. This also is applaud to you and your roots!


My previous failures always made me think, Why I failed? Its not that I did not work hard because today I realized, they all were feeding me fish and first time you teaching me how to fish. My husband has been very successful because he does believe that one is successful by helping others achieve success and become successful. You are the second person I have seen with the same doing, not just by words but with your acts. You are successful because you making your students successful. Thanks again.

Jaya K

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