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Critical Breakdown™ – the patented Critical Breakdown™ walks students through the fact pattern and breaks everything down into manageable segments. It explains why the examiners use certain facts and what they mean. This way you’ll never miss an issue. It even shows you how to find the law in case you forget a rule.

Learn how to properly go through an MBE question, how to identify key elements of the fact patterns and understand what the examiners are asking; utilizing high quality materials, insightful approaches & proven bar exam fundamentals for the MBE questions. 

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Review the newest 2,275+ NCBE Licensed and Simulated MBE Questions released utilizing advanced analytics. 

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Concise outlines with many simple examples, audios & videos and the ability to highlight and pin notes. 

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Take official practice exams or personalized quizzes using the Test Simulator to test your progress and gain confidence. 

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  • 2,275+ NCBE Licensed and Simulated Questions
  • Official Practice Exams Test Simulator
  • Subject Outlines with Rules of Law
  • Personalized Quiz Builder
  • Wrong Answer Bank Quizzes
  • Advanced Analytics 
  • 150+ Audio and Video Lessons On or Offline
  • Critical Breakdowns of each Question and ALL answer choices
  • Progress Tracking 

Our Customers

Worth every penny to only take the exam once!

BestMultis is by far the best MBE prep program available. It is the only program that truly helps you understand the law and not just focus on memorization. The approach to MBE’s is crucial to success. Any amount of money is worth not taking the bar exam again!

BestMultis is an amazing bar prep product!!

I am not a typical learner (I have adhd and GAD and specific learning disorder) and this program by far has exceeded my expectations! It was clear and concise and made learning these areas of law more enjoyable. I would recommend this company to my family and friends.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for BestMultis!!

The course materials were invaluable throughout my bar preparation. Not only did it break down complex legal concepts, but it made me walk into the exam room with confidence. I believe the analytics and that boost in confidence was key to tackling the bar exam successfully.

Frequent Questions

BestMultis provides the most detailed and accurate explanations in both our MBE questions and Subject Outlines. We are the only Bar Review program that offers insightful analysis, the Critical Breakdown™, within each question’s fact pattern.

BestMultis’ approach helps students understand and apply black letter law, not just memorize it. Bar prep that is a real education.

Yes. BestMultis has every available (the newest 1,375+) NCBE® licensed questions and over 1,000+ simulated MBE questions modeled after released questions by the NCBE. Learn by practicing the actual questions.

Yes. BestMultis can be found both in the Apple and Google Play app stores. 

Yes! We encourage students to start early for the most confidence and the best chance to pass. You can enroll up to 6months prior to the exam. 

BestMultis has been used by our local community in Santa Monica as part of a full CA bar prep course for almost 20 years. The app and all the technology is new, the proven method isn’t.  

Yes, we are confident your MBE score will be the highest with us. 

If you score higher with another product or if our product doesn’t increase your score; you get a full refund. 


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Our faculty includes professor(s) with the highest published scores on the MBE portion of the exam, former bar graders and talented experts on both black letter law and the exam itself. 

You have the ability to select the subjects, subtopics, number of questions, if it’s timed, when to show the answers, include/exclude official practice exam questions and many more options to customize the quizzes to your needs. The advanced analytics will guide you in the process and can even generated quizzes for you. 

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