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Best Multis – Pass The Bar Exam

In learning software | May 5th, 2014 | comments: 1

Welcome to the Best Multis Blog.  Our goal with this Blog is to keep you informed of important news regarding the California Bar Exam and to help you prepare for this all-important stress test.  We will also be offering tips on how to prepare for the MBEs specifically as well as for the written portions of the CA Bar Exam.


As you may know, the 200 MBEs account for 35% of your score but the material contained in those six subjects represents more than half of the score you get from your essays.


In the essay portion of the Exam you may be lucky and find three single-subject essays that test only Real Property, Contracts, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Torts, or Constitutional Law, but you are also very likely going to find those MBE subjects crossed-over with other MBE subjects or with any of the other subjects tested on the CA Bar Exam.  So those six MBE can easily account for half of your total score.  For those reasons, you need to make sure you’re proficient on the MBE subjects.


The Best Multis program is designed to help you obtain the highest possible score on the MBEs.  The questions are written to test specific areas of the subjects and they are broken down in exacting detail to ensure that you know exactly what concept was being tested.  They highlight the important elements of the question and show you how to avoid being sidetracked by issues of lesser importance.


The Answer explanations come with detailed descriptions of why the correct answers are correct and why the wrong answers are wrong.  You are shown why the wrong answers look so appealing and how to discern the correct answer from among two (or three!) answers that appear to be correct.  The level of understanding you will gain from going through the program is second to none.


The BestMultis have been the key for many people in passing the CA Bar Exam.  Make sure you perform at your highest by using the BestMultis as an integral part of your CA Bar Exam study program.

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