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Test Taking Advice for the CA Bar Exam (Essays)

In study skills | May 13th, 2014 | comments: 1

When each essay session starts you will be tempted to look ahead in the packet to see which subjects are being tested.  You should resist this urge.  Besides taking up valuable minutes, looking at all the essays will distract you from the task at hand.  And peeking at essays two and three will tempt you […]

Study Advice for the CA Bar Exam (MBE Subjects)

In study skills | May 7th, 2014 | comments: 0

The MBE subjects are the most important subjects to study when you begin to prepare for the Bar Exam.  As discussed previously, they account for at least half of your overall grade.  You should plan on doing at least 35 MBEs per day right up until the exam.  In the beginning you should keep Jason’s […]

Best Multis – Pass The Bar Exam

In learning software | May 5th, 2014 | comments: 1

Welcome to the Best Multis Blog.  Our goal with this Blog is to keep you informed of important news regarding the California Bar Exam and to help you prepare for this all-important stress test.  We will also be offering tips on how to prepare for the MBEs specifically as well as for the written portions […]

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