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Learn to read the interlineation of facts

This program teaches you these skills by breaking down every detail of every single fact, getting you to ask the right questions and think through the problem logically. Each question is like a little puzzle which you can become skilled at solving. All you have to do is find the four corners in the puzzle and everything else falls into place. Our competitors don’t give you the four corners, they are only giving you the middle. It’s not about just knowing the correct answer, it’s a process to understand why one answer is right and why the other three choices are so obviously wrong.

Example 1

When a question about a murder case includes the phrase “acted immediately”, what are they trying to tell you? If the person acted immediately, then they didn’t have time to think or deliberate about it which eliminates first degree murder. A simple little phrase like that can tell you something important.

Example 2

If the fact pattern starts with “In 1950,” you should ask “Why they are giving us something from 60 years ago?” That should let you know they’re trying to say something without coming right out and saying it. What they’re trying to say in that regard is the time for adverse possession is past – 60 years is more than enough time for someone to adversely possess the property in any jurisdiction. By knowing how to read the fact pattern you immediately know what the question is testing. If you don’t see the fact pattern, then you’ll never know it. That’s why most people taking the MBE’s are unprepared to take the test and that’s one major reason why they don’t pass. To be prepared to pass the MBE you must know how to read the facts carefully.

Learn to ask the right questions

There’s an age old saying: “I once was blind but now I can see”. This program will show you how to ask the right questions, taking off your blinders so you can see clearly that the answer is right in front of you.

Get thorough training

Every single question is broken down, interlineated with thoughts so you can see the critical breakdown within each question that will show you what to look for, what to think, what you should know, and how the examiners test on it. Because this test is very patterned, they do the exact same things over & over again, and if you don’t see things the first time you’re not going to get it the second time.

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Why Best Multis is truly the best MBE program?


Our program will help you better understand each question by revealing hints and fact patterns. The Critical Breakdown™ will teach you how to think reading each question.

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Our outlines are in color and easy to read in a clear and concise format with many MBE TIPS. The structure of our outlines mirror those the National Conference states is going to be tested on each exam.

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For those of us who are visual and audio learners, we provide audios and videos created by the master of the MBE. These words of wisdom are presented by the professor who scored a 180 on the exam.

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Jason, Your incredible MBE training saved me. From my painful MBE raw score of 86, I was able to almost double my score (in my final practice tests with you, I was scoring a 160 raw!). I am eternally grateful to you, and I highly, highly recommend your services. You gave me the confidence and […]

Rahul Soni – CA Bar #297273
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